LibraryFind posted

This will be the last intermediate release between the 0.8.x branch and the 0.9 branch.  This release folds a few of the functions being added to 0.9 into the 0.8.x branch, as well as changes being made to accommodate some enhanced harvesting, etc.

So, changes to the branch:

  1. JSON support finalized.  I'll document how to access it, but there is now a json controller that will allow you to search, retrieve content, job statuses, groups and collections via a json interface.
  2. Harvester enhancement.  The big changes are related to allowing harvesting of both sets or the entire server (and allow the harvester to be smart enough to know if a set is part of a larger set that's already been harvested).  0.9 will have additional harvesting changes -- but this is a good start.
  3. opensearch changes.  I've removed all references to the rexml library in the opensearch interaction.  This was done specifically to speed up the processing.  Of course, by using Libxml, one thing that will need to be done is add some code to autosense namespaces -- but that will be included with 0.9
  4. mysql gem dependency has been removed.  All database code now flows through active record.  This was done to allow support for other database engines.

For 0.9, what's coming:

  1. UI changes:  Its much more dynamic
  2. opensearch enhancements
  3. solr support.  This will allow users to select either ferret or solr as your indexer.
  4. json enhancement (add a few more elements to the api)
  5. harvester enhancements
  6. mod_rails (so no more mongrel)
  7. etc.